The professor in this video is stating some of the problems that smaller farms face once big business becomes involved with their crops.  I would agree with the fact that smaller business can't compete.  The price of crops in America has become very cheap as a part of the farming-subsidies .  It interferes with the local growers of corn in places in south america were american corn over saturates the markets.  Corn is one of the more versatile crops  which makes it sought after tool in making money .   The most valid point made in the beginning of the video is about 
how corn is something that can be grown anywhere, but the US has a strangle hold on the rest of the world when it comes to the production of corn.   This makes the globalization of corn a strong con in terms of equilibrium with the rest of the world.  The small people everywhere (small famers that can only grow and sell locally) are hurt.

05/31/2013 6:11am

No way, you're so cool.


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